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End User Apps

Orisec Control Plus app


The ControlPlus App gives users complete visibility of their system, including camera streaming, allowing total operational control, system event notifications and monitoring from anywhere, at any time.

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Orisec Control Lite app


Simple to use, the ControlLite App offer users full arming and disarming in a straightforward and intuitive format.

Orisec Control Care app


Use our ControlCare App to check on your loved ones without invading their privacy. The app lets you know if something seems out of the ordinary by learning and monitoring their daily activity.

Installer Apps

Orisec Control Eng app


Coming Soon
Orisec easyReset app


The EasyReset App will generate reset codes for use if RNRR (Random Number Remote Reset) has been enabled on the control panel.

Orisec Code of the day installer app

Code of the Day

The Code of the Day App will generate engineer’s “Code of the Day” if that feature has been enabled on the control panel.

Minimum spec:
CP-30-50-100-200 software version 2.26 onwards (ZX-5C version 3.10 onwards)
CP/K/T-10/20 version 1.00 onwards
W-CP-40 version 1.02 onwards
ZX-5C software version 3.10 onwards.