Control Panels

A complete range of control panels and expanders offering total flexibility and ease of installation. With intuitive end user operation, stylish design and pioneering installation features - the range has something to suit any installation requirement.



Orisec’s detector range has been expertly designed to fulfil the needs of every type of installation. The 100 series incorporates PIR and Quad technology for Grade 2 security. The 200 series is designed for higher false alarm immunity in more demanding applications with a dual technology option. For higher security Grade 3 installations the 300 Series provides true active infrared anti-masking technology.


External Sounders

A combination of outstanding design and installation features. The ES-120 is a Grade 2 external sounder and is suitable for domestic and small commercial sites. The ES-130 is a Grade 3 external sounder, designed for larger commercial sites, and has the added benefits of twin piezos, screw tamper detection, and self-test mode.


Wireless Products

Show Range

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